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We provide personal service, attention to details and friendly Berber hospitality

Where local expertise and flavor meet western service expectation and attention to detail

Experience Genuine Morocco

Visit The Lush Draa Valley

With Your Moroccan Experience professional team

Where local expertise and flavor meet western service expectation and attention to detail

Experience Genuine Morocco

Experience The Old Fishing Port of El Jadida

With Your Moroccan Experience professional team

Where local expertise and flavor meet western service expectation and attention to detail

Experience Genuine Morocco

The Amazing City Of Chefchaouen

With Your Moroccan Experience professional team

Where local expertise and flavor meet western service expectation and attention to detail

Experience Genuine Morocco

A Touareg Adventure In Jebel Beni

With Your Moroccan Experience professional team

Where local expertise and flavor meet western service expectation and attention to detail


By booking a tour with Your Moroccan Experience (referred to in these conditions as “we” or “us”) you will be accepting these conditions on behalf of yourself and all other persons using our services pursuant to a booking made by you.

Booking Procedures & Payments

Once you agree to the quoted itinerary and price, we send you a detailed itinerary and invoice with payment details. Your booking will be confirmed when we receive a minimum of 25% deposit of the amount invoiced. Final payment must be made prior to the commencement of your tour, either in the United States or in Morocco by local currency.

We accept payments by wire transfer checks (payable in US dollars) and most major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. We also accept payment by Pay Pal and Square.

Changes to Your Booking/Reservation

We will make all possible efforts to make amendments to your booking with no additional charges. However, changes to travel and accommodations within 15 days of the start of your trip may not be feasible without incurring additional charges.

If you need to make changes, please contact us as soon as possible and make your request in writing.  We will make our best efforts to accommodate your requested changes so there are no extra charges, but we cannot guarantee it.

If changes are not possible to make your booking, for whatever reason, you have the choice of proceeding with your holidays originally booked or canceling and paying the cancellation charges as mentioned below.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify us as soon as possible in writing if you need to cancel your travel arrangements. The cancellation charge depends on the number of the days prior to your scheduled booking that we receive your written cancellation notice the prior start of your travel.

You must notify us in writing should you wish to cancel a tour and the cancellation is effective on the date we receive your notification. The following charges are applicable upon cancellation:

  • cancellation 30 days or more before start date – loss of deposit;
  • cancellation between 29 and 10 days before start date – 75% of total tour cost;
  • cancellation less than 10 days before start date – 100% of total tour cost.

Cancellation charges may be covered by your insurance policy, please check with your insurance provider.

Please note, there be some cases, where you will forfeit more than 25% of your deposit. if we reserve special accommodations, activities or other requests on your behalf. You will be notified of this in writing prior should this be the case.

Unforeseen Circumstances

We might choose to cancel your tour or trek due to unforeseen circumstances. In that case, we will refund any sum paid by you to us, including the deposit, but we are not liable to pay any other compensation to you. Unforeseen circumstances include, but are not limited to:  natural or nuclear disaster, war or threat of war, riot, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, fire, adverse weather conditions and other potentially dangerous conditions.

We may be forced to cancel a tour for reasons beyond our control (“force majeure”). In this case, you will be entitled to a refund less any costs already incurred by us. No other compensation will be due or payable by us to you. If we cancel a tour for a reason other than “force majeure,” you will be entitled to a full refund. We reserve the right to amend our prices at any time.


Your air travel will be booked independently of your booking with Your Moroccan Experience; therefore it is subject to the terms & conditions of the relevant airline. We accept no liability for this element of your tour.

Special Requests

Any special requirements that are essential to your booking (dietary, medical, wheelchair assistance or others) must be provided to us prior to the confirmation of your booking. We will pass the information onto our partners and services providers to ensure safe and enjoyable holidays. If there are special requests that we cannot meet, we will make our best efforts to advise you in writing prior to booking your trip.
Please let us know of any preferences that are important to your reservations (hotels locations, bed configurations, etc…) and we will make best efforts to accommodate your requests. No compensation will be paid if such requests are not fulfilled.


We do not provide any travel, medical or other insurance. It is your full responsibility to obtain appropriate holiday travel and/or related insurance.
We strongly encourage you to have travel insurance in case of illness, travel cancellation, baggage loss, delays, etc…

Our Responsibility

We accept liability should any part of your travel arrangements not be as described when you made your booking and not be of a reasonable standard. We will pay reasonable compensation (limited to the maximum amount paid to us for that portion of the travel arrangements) unless there has been no fault on our part or the part of our vendors, suppliers, partners and/or service providers.

Please note that we assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, illness, property damage, death or other loss incurred during your trip.

Travel Documentation

You are responsible for ensuring the possession of valid required travel documents. Your passport must be valid for 6 months prior entering the country. It is the sole responsibility of the tour participant to ensure that all passport and visa requirements are met prior departure.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We take full responsibility to make sure that proper security measures are in order to secure your private and confidential information that you have provided to us during the booking.
The information collected from you will be used to make reservations with hotels and with any other third party as needed to arrange your travel requirements. We will share your dietary, medical and/or any disability with relevant suppliers to ensure that your request are met. In making a booking with us, you consent to this information being passed onto the relevant persons.


In the event that something is unsatisfactory to you and you have a complaint, please immediately contact your driver/hotel/guide, who will contact us and/or attempt to resolve the problem. If this is not possible, please contact us directly in writing with details of your complaint and/or problem.

Your Responsibility

  • You accept responsibility for bringing and looking after your own medication and personal first-aid kit;
  • You must notify us in writing of any disability/illness, past or present, that may affect your ability to take part in a tour with us;
  • You accept at your own risk, and understand, the risks inherent in outdoors & adventure travel in a developing country;
  • You accept responsibility for looking after your personal property & travel documentation during the tour;
  • You accept the booking with us on the understanding that potential alterations/delays may arise due to factors beyond our control for which we accept no responsibility (per above);
  • By making your booking with Your Moroccan Experience, you accept and agree that you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.