Hi Stuart,
Nice to hear from you. We are looking forward to your arrival. 


Are you okay with sending your payment=
to my PayPal account (friend to friend)? It avoids a charge to both of us.=
We are working on connecting Your Moroccan Experience bank account in Moro=
cco to PayPal. It won’t surprise you that everything here is a bit complica=
ted when it comes to this sort of thing.
My PayPal account is cangellatchison@yahoo.com. The tot=
al rate is 840 euros for 6 days (140 per day x 6). 25% deposit is 210 euros=
or $262 dollars. If you are sending from UK, you may have to convert from =
pounds sterling.
If y=
ou don’t feel comfortable with this, I can send you an invoice directly – h=
owever I think we will both then be charged an additional fee.
Please be assured that although w=
e are putting into place all the pieces of our new business, Ali has been i=
n the tourism business for 14+ years. You are in great hands. He is very pr=
ofessional and knows everybody. He is also a super nice person and friendly=
. Of course I am partial. LOL.
Ali mentioned that you may want to upgrade to a mid or luxury cam=
p in Erg Chegaga. The rates vary. 50 euros per person (standard), 100 euros=
per person, mid-fancy; 150 euros per person, fancy, 200 -300 per person – =
If you want to have a rustic experience, then the 50 euro per person is fi=
ne. If you want to have a more comfortable experience, I would recommend th=
at you pay a bit more – personally I find that it makes a big difference. H=
owever, some people like having the more rustic experience.  We just s=
tayed at an enchanting luxury camp this week and I will never forget it.

Frankly, if we make he =
reservations for you, we get a better rate, which our agency keeps (usually=
about $10-$30 per night depending on the rate of the accommodation). =
I can tell you that the margin of profit that people make here is very sli=
m, but every bit helps – because the wages are quite low (average person he=
re makes $250 dollars per month – yes you read that correctly).
However, we don’t push anyone to=
book through us. If you prefer to book directly, you are more than welcome=
to. If you want us to book for you, let us know you requirements. I am ver=
y personally very particular and we like to make the arrangements that suit=
each of our clients.
Just let us know.
st regards,

Christina L. Angell
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From: Stuart Beckingham <stuart.beckingham@gmail.com>
To: info@yourmoroccanexperience.=
Sent: Sunday, Feb=
ruary 4, 2018 6:17 AM
Subject: Booking 19th – 24th Feb

Hi Ali,

We’re pleased to confirm the trip with you starting on the 19th of F=
eb for 6 days. Please send me a paypal request for the deposit, 25% of=
840 Euros =3D 210 Euros 
We’ll be staying at=
Riad Chameleon in Marrakech: 59=D8=8C Derb Foura, Marrakesh, Morocco. 6=
93 55 56 03 or 0524 39 07 02 email@riadchameleon.com   


Thanks for all of your help and suggestions so far – we can’t wait to =
meet you and start our trip!
Best wishes,

Stuart and Wai

Stuart Bec=

07849 257723